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Hand-held electric arc chamfering machine YJ-6X
    Publish time 2019-11-19 09:31    
Hand-held electric arc chamfering machine YJ-6X

Product Introduction:

The product is used for chamfering the regular surface of workpiece (such as outer circle, inner hole, waist hole, etc.) and the inner and outer cavity edge of irregular surface. For the chamfering of some curved edges of large workpiece, the general machine can not process, the hand-held arc chamfering machine chamfering is convenient and fast; Can also be used for rubber plastic pipe bar end chamfering.

This chamfering machine adopts alloy blade (blade with chip breaker), the minimum diameter of inverted hole 11mm, the minimum thickness of inverted plate up to 4.5mm, suitable for stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other materials.