Set r & d, production, business, service as one of the non-standard equipment, machine accessories and hardware power tools production service providers

Shanghai wobang environmental protection technology co., ltd. was established in 2003, is a collection of design, development, production, management, service as one of the environmental protection equipment manufacturers. The company is located in the historical and cultural city of songjiang, superior geography, convenient transportation. The factory covers a building area of 1600 square meters, with lathes, grinders, milling machines, plate shears, bending machines and other hardware facilities to ensure the quality of products. 

Since its establishment, warbon has been committed to cutting fluid purification treatment, products are widely used in machine tools, aerospace, automotive manufacturing, mold and other industrial manufacturing industries. Main products include: oil and water separator, magnetic separator, paper belt filter, filter car, phosphating pressure filter, positive pressure filter system.


In recent years, our company has designed and developed a new generation of filter equipment -- positive pressure filter system, which is the result of our company's research and experiment on coolant treatment in grinding industry for many years. The equipment integrates positive pressure filtration, automatic slag discharge, pneumatic chip blowing, automatic chip brushing, backwash, cold treatment, liquid supply, liquid return, automatic fluid replenishment and other functions to provide coarse grinding, semi-fine grinding, fine grinding machine grinding fluid centralized filtration and cooling processing functions to ensure the supply of grinding fluid under different processes. The equipment adopts PLC automatic control, high degree of automation, simple operation. It provides an advanced, efficient and clean filtering mode for modern grinding enterprises. Instead of the one-time use of traditional filter paper, the equipment has the advantages of low cost and high filtration accuracy. By the centralized supply of liquid instead of the traditional machine filter one with one form, water treatment capacity, small area. The application of the equipment enables related enterprises to save economic benefits, but also in line with the national environmental protection requirements to save emissions.

Shanghai wobang company has a core r&d team composed of more than 10 technicians, focusing on product r&d and upgrading, and insisting on promoting development through innovation. The company takes "customer demand oriented, through innovation, to provide customers with quality and high price excellent environmental protection products" as its mission, adheres to the core values of "innovation, quality, service, win-win", and relies on environmental protection equipment to contribute to the national construction of "ecological civilization".