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XQCF-100 strong magnetic magnetic separator
    Publish time 2019-11-19 09:31    

Product Introduction:

The magnets in the XQCF strong magnetic separator are ndfeb alloy materials, and the surface magnetic strength can reach about 4000GS. Its structure design ensures that the adsorbent can be smoothly discharged, and not adsorbed on the surface of the outer cylinder; And the discharge debris water content is low. The magnetic separator is suitable for the automatic separation of the emulsified solution of a large amount of ferromagnetic material, keeping the cutting fluid clean, reducing environmental pollution, improving the processing performance and tool life, thus reducing the cost and improving the production efficiency.

Main features and working principle:

The product uses the powerful magnetic force of the separator magnetic hub to effectively separate the ferromagnetic chip and abrasive chip from the liquid. When the cutting fluid enters the box body and the liquid flows through the arc surface channel under the magnetic hub, the ferromagnetic substance and some inclusions in the liquid are strongly adsorbed by the magnetic hub, and the cleaning liquid flows out of the water outlet. The magnetic hub keeps rotating, the rubber roller extrudes the residual liquid in the material, and the scraper collects the adsorbent to complete the automatic separation process.

Note: can be customized according to customer requirements.