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Self-cleaning filtration system 3
    Publish time 2019-11-18 20:30    


Self-cleaning arc plate paper belt filter system is suitable for machine tool (grinder, processing center, etc.), cleaning machine, industrial waste water treatment and other industries of cutting fluid (water, oil), industrial waste water purification and filtration treatment.

The water tank of this equipment is designed with a tapered bottom. Trace impurities in the clean cutting fluid will sink to the bottom of the cone, directly at the bottom of the pump, suction to the regular daily of strong magnetic separator and the arc plate filter in the filter again, to ensure that the bottom of the tank won't be piled up a large number of impurities, there is no need to stop manually from the water tank, holiday during the break, can be set to "holiday running mode", make the system under the low power operation, To ensure the periodic circulation flow, to prevent the cutting fluid for a long time static, anaerobic bacteria in the water, resulting in the cutting fluid black, smelly, metamorphic situation.

The filter system is equipped with magnetic separator, so that the system has two filtration processes. Under the action of magnetic separator, most of the ferromagnetic impurities are discharged automatically. Minimal iron filings and non-ferromagnetic impurities are filtered out of the filter paper.