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Thin oil filter
    Publish time 2020-04-06 09:55    
Thin oil (hydraulic oil, anti-rust oil, engine oil) water filter function:
Filter impurities to remove the water in the anti-rust oil, pneumatic diaphragm pump oil into the coalescence tower, coalescence of oil and then into the separation tower, oil and water in the separation tower to achieve separation, the clean oil enters the clean oil tank through the side drain port, and the water is discharged from the drain screw port.


1, PNEUMATIC DIAPHRAGM PUMP Compressed air, according to the size of the field anti-rust tank, through the pneumatic triplet below the pressure regulating valve to regulate the air pressure not more than 0.3 MPA, and then control the flow of diaphragm pump.

2. The water level can be seen through the transparent observation window on the coalescing tower and the separation tower. When the water level reaches the half position of the water storage capacity, the water nut can be twisted open to drain the water when the diaphragm pump is opened to drain the water, and then the water nut can be tightened.

3, if the pressure gauge indication is higher than 1Kg, it needs to replace the coalescing filter element. If the pressure of the pressure gauge still can not drop after replacing the coalescing filter element, it needs to replace or clean the separation filter element.